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Experience the joy of a rejuvenated smile through dentures.

Visit Marlborough Denture Clinic in Calgary, Alberta for a free denture consultation.

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For over 40 years, Marlborough Denture Clinic in Calgary has been dedicated to ensuring your smile shines bright and your confidence soars. We offer comprehensive denture services, including complete/partial dentures, relines, and immediate dentures. Our focus is on patient care and satisfaction, ensuring that every individual receives the attention and personalized treatment they deserve. Your radiant smile and well-being are our utmost priority.

Free Denture Consultation

Free Consultation

Enjoy a free denture consultation to assess your needs and explore the best options tailored for your perfect smile.

Complete Dentures

Complete & Partial Dentures

Crafting personalized full and partial dentures with precision and care, ensuring a comfortable fit and a natural, confident smile for every individual.

Denture Repairs

Denture Repair & Relines

Expert denture repair and relines, restoring comfort and function, ensuring your smile remains bright and confidence stays intact

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Welcome to Marlborough Denture Clinic in Calgary

Marlborough Denture Clinic, located in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, has been a trusted name for denture care for decades. With a commitment to patient satisfaction, the clinic offers a range of services, from crafting personalized dentures to expert repairs and relines.

The experienced team of denturists takes pride in restoring radiant smiles and ensuring every patient leaves with renewed confidence.

Whether you’re seeking a fresh set of dentures or simply need maintenance on an existing pair, Marlborough Denture Clinic stands ready to serve with unparalleled expertise and warmth.

Client Testimonials

Wayne Crawford
Wayne Crawford
After a terrible job done at another clinic I came here and had wonderful experience. Honest Abe Rafih puts the patient first. I highly recommend him.
howida merhi
howida merhi
Doctor Ibrahim Rafih did the impossible work on my teeth ! I was pleased amazed how caring and concerned and dedicated on working to make my dentures fit! I was referred by a relative I will be recommending him to everyone I know that need dentures ! Thank you ! for your eagerness to make my teeth fit well and finding ways to get it done properly! Season's Greetings! A patient for life!
Liz Penney
Liz Penney
I called on a Wednesday and got an appointment for my Mom on Friday. She was treated extremely well and really appreciated the service she received. The doctor was kind and respectful. Her dentures were realigned within three days and she was very happy with the fit.
The owner is amazing! So knowledgeable, helpful and respectful, love this place, would recommend it 100% to anyone for Denture needs.

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