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Night Guards

Protect Your Smile, Enhance Your Sleep

At Marlborough Denture Clinic of Calgary, Alberta, our Night Guard service is designed to combat teeth grinding and clenching. Custom-fitted for your comfort, these oral appliances protect your teeth, ensuring a restful night’s sleep and long-term dental health.

Customized Comfort and Dental Protection

Our night guards are tailored to fit the unique contours of your mouth, providing a cushioning barrier against the damage caused by teeth grinding and clenching. They offer relief from jaw pain, headaches, and the wear and tear on your teeth, contributing to your overall oral health and comfort.

Safeguard Your Dental Health and Well-being

Night guards do more than just provide comfort; they are a proactive measure to protect your dental health. By preventing the effects of teeth grinding and clenching, they help you avoid future dental treatments and contribute to improved sleep quality, which is essential for overall well-being.

Simple Process for Significant Benefits

Getting a custom night guard is a straightforward process at our clinic. We take an impression of your teeth to create a custom mold, ensuring the guard fits perfectly and comfortably. We also provide detailed care instructions to help you maintain your night guard. Investing in a night guard is an investment in your smile and your quality of sleep.